Hire unlimited employees or contractors for one fixed monthly cost.

Placement fees are a scam and subcontracting is expensive. Bolt on a world class resourcing team for less than one employee.

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How do we help you grow?

No Placement Fees
AirCrew’s recruitment service provides you with high quality candidates for a fixed monthly rate. Enjoy unlimited hires, without paying placement fees.
Vetted Quality Candidates
Your time is valuable. That’s why we vet every candidate before introducing them to you. We’ll even administer technical assessments, cultural compatibility quizzes, and initial interviews.
Access All Major Global Talent Pools
We’ve spent years cultivating a presence in hiring communities and job boards around the globe. With custom, direct outreach and premium memberships to every employment site, AirCrew makes passive recruiting a thing of the past.
Tailored Recruitment Strategy
Your AirCrew team keeps up with global hiring trends, so that you don’t have to. By optimizing job descriptions and salary expectations, you’ll be sure to find the best talent at the most affordable rate.
Integrates with your team
As a highly adaptable, bolt-on recruiting service, AirCrew is committed to transparency and collaboration with your internal team. Depending on your needs, our recruitment professionals can create, supplement, or replace any internal recruiting department.


What are digital companies saying about AirCrew?

The front-end engineer that we just hired with AirCrew is exactly who we have been looking for.
Alexander Torosh
Director of Engineering & Hiring Manager

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See how we make it easy to grow your international team.
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See how we make it easy to grow your international team. Schedule a one-on-one guided tour today.

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